Anick Fernandez

After working with different mediums: drawing, oil, pastel, acrylics and sculpture in Mexico, in 1995 Anick Fernández starts experimenting with different printing techniques at L'Atelier de l'Ile in Val-David, Quebec: dry point, aquatint, linocuts, etching, serigraphy and monotypes.
In 2005 in Madrid Spain, she starts investigating the extensive possibilities of Collagraphy, a non-toxic eco-friendly technique that allows the greatest creative freedom in printmaking.
She is continuously experimenting and documenting her research.
She starts teaching Collagraphy in 2013 at Hedera Printmaking Studio in Madrid.
Her recent work reflects the difficult situation of many people around the world. Migrations, Frontiers and Territories are recurring themes in her prints where she represents the movement from one place to another and the barriers found along the way.
She feels a special connection with nature. Her work explores the textures, the patterns, the play of lights and shadows and the power of regeneration of nature. Anick Fernandez is committed to protecting the environment by using recycled materials both to build her printmaking plates and as a support for her paintings.
She runs a studio where she teaches non-toxic printmaking techniques.
Her work has been exhibited in different countries in Europe and North America and has been awarded several prizes. It is part of several public and private collections in Mexico, Canada and Spain.
She lives and works in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada