Programs - WS2c - Oh Canada! Part 1: Early Canadian Art History -

WS2a Of Church and Land: Early Years 1600’s , 1700’s The influences, dominance and adaptation of the French and British styles in the New World.A study of work by artists such as Anoine Plamondon, William Berczy, Joseph Le gare and others will be included.

WS2b: Tackling the Land:1800’s – as the Country is beginning to expand and settlement further develops the artist begins to tackle the vast and varied subject matter of the land, the native and the settlements.Works by artist such as Paul Kane, Ozias Leduc, Cornelius Krieghoff and Homer Watson will be included.

WS2c: Finding a Voice:early 1900’s Canada becomes a Country in 1867 and at the turn of the Century artists begin to explore and discover a uniquely Canadian style and approach.The focus will be on the works of the Group of Seven and contemporaries.


Half Day Workshop: $30.00
Half Day Workshop (Members): $25.00


Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Susan Dobson
Susan Dobson

Susan Dobson

Susan is a certified teacher and graduate of Guelph University with a degree in fine art. She has taught both studio art and art history at Niagara College, Ridley College & Appleby College spanning 34 years. Susan works in multi media drawing and painting.

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