Beautiful Ontario - Madeleine Greenwald

The exhibition explores surrounding areas including Toronto, Prince Edward County, Muskoka and the Niagara region. While travel was put on hold this past year, the artist savoured the local scenery and captured some of that beauty on canvas.


Madeleine Greenwald is inspired by travel and people. Painting allows her to relive moments and remember the feeling of being present in that special place.

Artist's Statement
I am a Toronto-based artist but have lived in many places including Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago. My paintings are inspired by travel, light, colour, my children, and our two dogs. I hope my paintings convey the feelings I experienced in the moments that I am trying to capture.

I paint in acrylics layering transparent colour over transparent colour to create mood and depth in my paintings. I use a very large brush and prefer bold brush strokes and colours. I am not trying to recreate a photograph, but the feeling the image evokes.