Beauty And Resilience: Petra Zantingh

Inspired by the dichotomy of urban and natural landscapes and the many contrasts in life, the exhibit features paintings of fading and hardy flowers reflecting subtle layers of emotional expression, of fragility and strength.


Join us Sunday, May 7th for an opening reception and opportunity to meet the artist. Admire the mixed media works over a complimentary glass of wine with other art appreciators. Remarks at approx. 2:30 p.m.

Artist's Statement
Botanicals, trees, roots, and vegetation are common subjects in her work because of their profound and enigmatic spiritual and physical nature. Produced on wood panels, the works use water, watercolour, ink, and water-soluble graphite. Relying on the fragile and mysterious relationship between water and pigment, the process requires patient manipulation to achieve transparent layers that create subtle nuances. Zantingh has an inkling of what will develop in producing her paintings, but the outcome is often a surprise.

*The start date of the exhibition delayed due to unforseen circumstances.