Home-Protector or Predator - Sue Archibald

A number of paintings in this collection represent a series of works created during the pandemic. The interior pieces reflect the images of home-the comfort zones and a safe place during the lockdown. Some pieces were created when long-term care homes became places of death.


Artist's Statement
In the 'Home' series, I am telling stories of domesticity; of what a safe home means. Impressions of these shabby or chic spaces are a combination of imagined rooms with added touches of my personal experiences. There is a universal need to make our living spaces our own, a domestic occurrence mostly accredited to women.

In the midst of creating this series, the Pandemic arrived, forcing us into our homes to isolate from the outside world, and for me, heightening the meaning of my paintings. The home had suddenly become the ultimate safe space for all of us on a global level. My home series morphed into a pandemic series, as the two became intertwined.