Programs - WP19-12 - How to Paint a Good Vignette

This workshop will feature "how to paint a good vignette". Every painter should explore the painting of a properly placed and executed vignette. Your instructor, James E. Pay, follows the Edgar Whitney strict rules for vignette painting with little variance. Vignettes allow you to zero in on your point of interest, leaving ample untouched watercolour paper in the process. It is where the paint touches the edges that is important. This is a fun process. These methods will be explained and demonstrated for every participant to follow. There will be plenty of time for every one to complete the drawing and paint the vignette.


1 day workshop : $95.00
1 day workshop (members): $80.00


Sat Jun 8, 2019 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


How to Paint a Good Vignette Materials List


James E. Pay SCA, UA
James E. Pay SCA, UA

James E. Pay SCA, UA

Mentored by the late A. J. Casson, the last living member of Canada’s famous Group of Seven, and studying under colourist Marjorie Smith, M.F.A., the artist developed his own style of painting in watercolour and acrylic...

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