Programs - AW-21-4 - Beginners' Video Tips by Sandy - Beginner

If you are looking to start your artistic journey, our talented member, Sandra Nass Misiak, presents a series of helpful tips to novices in the art world. The videos cover a variety of topics that are both informative and practical.

To view these videos, please purchase one for $10.00 or pay $50.00 for the entire series.

The password to watch the video will be emailed to you after your payment is received.

Your contribution supports the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre mission and provides opportunities for future programming. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to making it through this difficult time together!

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1. Preparing Painting Surfaces in Gesso - How to prepare various painting surfaces for your artwork : FREE to watch (enter password Free1 on screen below or click here to view on Facebook)

2. Rembrandt Lighting - Discovering the concept of chiaroscuro lighting and how this will add drama and "pop" to your painting

3. Five Values in a Sphere - Demonstration in charcoal/soft pencil - why practicing spheres is important

4. Introduction to Acrylic Paints - How do we keep our paints wet and brush-care

5. Colour Study & Toning Your Canvas - Colour study for a simple apple painting

6. "Same Size" Sketch of Apple - Sketching and transferring the drawing onto canvas

7. Demonstration - Painting an Apple - 1. the preliminary under painting stage (using information from all Beginner Tips Videos)

8. Demonstration - Painting an Apple - 2. completing our final painting (using information from all Beginner Tips Videos)

***Download the recommended materials list below


Entire Series: $50.00
Ep. 2. Rembrandt Lighting: $10.00
Ep. 3. Five Values in a Sphere: $10.00
Ep. 4. Introduction to Acrylic Paints: $10.00
Ep. 5. Colour Study & Toning Your Canvas: $10.00
Ep. 6. "Same Size" Sketch of Apple: $10.00
Ep. 7. Demonstration - Painting an Apple: $10.00
Ep. 8. Demonstration - Painting an Apple: $10.00


Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Materials List - Recommended Supplies


Sandra Nass-Misiak
Sandra  Nass-Misiak

Sandra Nass-Misiak

Sandra is an Honours graduate in Fine Arts (studio) Program at Sheridan College in Oakville and has exhibited her work in solo, group and juried exhibitions and live art auctions. Her works have been sold in private collections as well as internationally.

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