Programs - WW19-3 - WW19-3 - Loose but Controlled Watercolour

In this workshop, the artist/instructor, James E. Pay, will be exploring the principles of design and composition, perspective, and depth perception. He will also outline how progressive and recessive colour plays into the image. the workshop is presented as a good learning experience to improve how the artist/participants paint buildings correctly.

See materials list below.


1 day workshop : $95.00
1 day workshop (members): $80.00


Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Loose but Controlled Warercolours Materials List


James E. Pay SCA, UA
James E. Pay SCA, UA

James E. Pay SCA, UA

Mentored by the late A. J. Casson, the last living member of Canada’s famous Group of Seven, and studying under colourist Marjorie Smith, M.F.A., the artist developed his own style of painting in watercolour and acrylic...

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