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Alexandra Kitty is an artist and author who has written nonfiction and fiction for many publications in the US, Canada, and Britain, including Elle Canada, Presstime, Quill, Editor & Publisher, Maisonneuve, Exterminating Angel, Dublin Quarterly, and Skeptic. She was a columnist for the Hamilton Spectator and the Victoria Times-Colonist, and taught Language Studies at Mohawk College, writing at the Sheridan Institute, Metalwork Arts at Niagara College and Kintsugi, beadwork, metal weaving, and lampworking at the Dundas Valley School of Art. She was the first female recipient of the Arch Award from McMaster University and had four previous books published (Don’t Believe It!, OutFoxed, Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps, and When Journalism was a Thing). Her fifth book on the art of Kintsugi is forthcoming 2020. She graduated summa cum laude with an Honours BA in psychology from McMaster University, a Masters degree in journalism from the University of Western Ontario, and certification for higher education teaching from Harvard. Her artistic specialties include kintsugi, metalworking, glasswork, encaustics, and beadworking, and in her spare time enjoys playing the theremin and taking short courses from Oxford.