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I was born in Montreal, Quebec, the youngest of three boys. From a very young age I gravitated to art. Copying the characters from the colour comics proved to be an early indicator of a life-long passion for art.

Upon graduation with a B.A. in Communication Arts, I entered the profession of animated film where I learned my craft over the span of some forty years. I directed such series as The Raccoons among others, as well as the theatrical feature, The Nutcracker Prince. I also wrote and illustrated a children's book called Monsters Don't Count.

My wife, Anne, and I settled in Russell, a short distance from Ottawa in Eastern Ontario where we've raised our three daughters. Many of my landscapes bear witness to this fact.

Throughout my animation career, when I could, I rendered artwork in watercolour and pastel, but it wasn't until I transitioned from animation to full-time artist over the last decade, that I settled upon oils as my medium of choice.

Though I've participated in numerous exhibitions, for the past several years I've exhibited primarily at The Cube Gallery in Ottawa and Canvas Gallery in Toronto. I also teach art in the town of Russell. I welcome commissions and I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Most Recent Exhibitions, 2014:
Alleyways 2, The Ottawa 8, The Cube Gallery
Paul Schibli, A Retrospective, Fritzi Gallery, Ottawa
The Ottawa Art Expo