Programs - Instructors - Wayne Corlis

Wayne Corlis, is a local artist who has devoted his life to the mastery of various art media. He holds degrees from both Niagara College and Brock University, specializing in graphic design, illustration, and fine art. During his studies, Corlis has been awarded for his academic merit, graduating second overall in his program. He has also received bursaries and scholarships which have allowed him to take his educational endeavours overseas as an archaeological artist in Cyprus.

Corlis’ work has been shown in multiple galleries and cafés across the region, as well as published overseas. He has also been an apprentice to a highly successful local painter, who he largely credits for the knowledge and skill he has refined to date. Wayne claims that his guidance has enabled the degree of recognition he has received as an abstract and realist painter. His pieces are brought forth from oil paints on canvas and privilege colour over content. His strength as a technician allows him to generate paints from their raw substances which provide colour more rich and luxurious than that which can be achieved through typical oil paints. These colours come to life in the form of unconventional imagery within cloud-like settings. Often by no particular intent of the artist, forms which are reminiscent of human faces and bodies emerge. The mystical presence of these completed pieces evokes strong emotions which are highly subjective.