Rajshree Jena

Rajshree Jena is a Contemporary Artist residing in Niagara She earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Art, which enhanced her skills in pen and drafting skills. Her expertise lies in acrylic painting, water colour and mixed media. Additionally, her mastery of Reiki, influencing her towards an intuitive and conceptual approach to creativity. She loves the subject matter from the colours and images inspired from her wide travels.

Since 2020, her jurried art has been exhibited in St. Catharines City Hall, Pelham Art Festival, Pump house, River Brink Museum, Butterfly Conservatory Niagara Falls, Niagara falls Art Gallery, Mann Art Gallery and Niagara Artist Centre.
In addition to her own studio practice she likes to engage herself in workshops,and has successfully participated in different events, institutions, with all ages.