Events - Artists' Cafe - October

This month will feature a special talk on the post WW2 art movement Gutai by artist Tina Clancy.

Artists: Please plan to join us along with your artist friends and contacts from the community for our drop-­in café. The café will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. You do not need ID to enter, the paint stains on your clothes or other unintended evidence of your artistic endeavours will be proof enough. The event is open to Pumphouse members and non-members alike.

What is the café?: An informal and comfortable space for local artists to meet, exchange ideas, share tips whether about technique, business or whatever is on their mind. It is a drop-­in event and informal. There is no agenda (cue applause) or schedule (cue cheers) for the evening. There is no dress code...mind you, a Beatnic theme holds some appeal…(cue bongo drums and dark sunglasses….)

Why?: As artists we tend to be solitary souls, at least as far as our art enterprises are concerned. The irony is not lost on us that we are creating an event targeting people who like to be left alone. Undaunted and unfazed we proceed into the breach... By establishing the informal café evening the Pumphouse is hoping to facilitate building a sense of community of artists for the benefit of artists, both professionally and socially.

Background: The Pumphouse is committing resources to help local artists market our work, obtain professional development, etc. The Pumphouse believes that local artists are an important part of the NOTL story and brand and by bringing artists together as a community (guild) we can develop a more effective voice in obtaining Town recognition and financial support. The drop­-in café complements the Pumphouse goal of building a community of artists.