Exhibitions - June Exhibition: Doug Maracle

Please join us for our Opening Reception on Sunday June 4, 2 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Exhibition will be on display June 1 - 29, 2017.

Artist's Bio

Doug Maracle, Bear Clan, is a Mohawk who was born on Six Nations in Norfolk County near Brantford Ontario. He was raised in Sherkston, Ontario. He began his work as an artist carving stone, allowing creations to come from within the stone. His first piece, carved from an interesting soapstone brick shown to him by a neighbour was presented to the Premier of France; the next one went to the King of Belgium.

Later, he committed his dream images into bronze using the lost wax process. Doug also carves in wood and creates images on paper using acrylic and coloured ink. Doug’s sculptures are incredibly detailed and sensitive to historical and technical detail. He spends a lot of time on research before he begins work on a new piece, and he has spent time on archeological digs, including the one near the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie.

His works have been presented to Royalty and Heads of State in Europe, Asia and Africa. As an internationally recognized artist, Doug was asked to have his Life Mask done along with Price Charles, Anne Murray and Wayne Gretzky by the Canadian Government for the W. Ross MacDonald School for the blind students in Brantford.

His works are in the possession of: The King of Belgium, The Premier of France, His Royal Highness the Aga Khan, The Deputy Premier of the Peoples Republic of China, The Chairman of the Board of Johnson and Johnson, Governor Como of New York, Bronze Sculptures for the W. Ross MacDonald School, Stone Sculptures for the National Museum of Man in Ottawa, The President of South Africa, The Ontario Heritage Foundation, The Hon. Susan Fish, Minister of Citizenship of Ontario, Dept. of Indian and North American Affairs, Ottawa, and the Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Quebec.

The flow of success continues as Doug branches out in another direction – creating books – one entitled Ningwakwe’s ABC Book was commissioned for adults learning to read and learn more about their Mohawk culture. It is currently available in libraries.