Niagara Pumphouse Arts Scholarship

Niagara Pumphouse Arts Scholarship

Ian Butler was one of the founding members when we opened in 1994. A fund for the 'Niagara Pumphouse Arts Scholarship' for Art Education was set up after Ian's death in 2010. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving Niagara-on-the-Lake graduating high school student pursuing a recognized post-secondary Visual Arts Programme.

In 2018, it was decided that a $200.00 Scholarship will be rewarded each year. Staff at the designated schools, A.N. Myer S.S., Laura Secord S.S. and Holy Cross S.S., submit the appropriate student applicants for final selection.

For 2023, two graduating seniors were awarded the art scholarship. Meet the recipients and view their works.

James Couroux (Holy Cross S.S.)

James possesses a remarkable artistic inclination nurtured by his adventurous imagination. Drawing inspiration from dreams, the artist utilizes pen & paper to manifest his thoughts into vivid visual images. His artistic endeavors encompass drawings, pictures, designs, and films, consistently exploring themes of wonder, horror, nostalgia, and dreams. Driven by the desire to facilitate self-exploration and self-expression through art, his ultimate aspiration is to attend film school and establish himself as a professional filmmaker. James aims to pursue a Bachelor of Film & Television program at Sheridan College to realize his creative aspirations.

View James' Artworks

Cecilia Noble (Laura Secord S.S.)

Cecilia has had a profound passion for visual art even at a young age. The artist recently discovered a love for 3-dimensional artworks incorporating various mediums, textures, and unexpected physical elements. This expressive art form allows Cecilia to convey multiple meanings and emotions within a single piece, resulting in captivating aesthetics. Pursuing an artistic journey, this recent graduate is excited to study Arts and Culture at Brock University to further expand artistic horizons, explore new styles, and inspire others by emphasizing the significance of visual arts.

View Cecilia's artworks