Pete Malaguti

And in the Advertising business as an Illustrator, Layout Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director. You've seen his work on Cereal Boxes, Billboards, In-Store promotions, Newspaper ads and Corporate logos. He's also participated in a few juried Outdoor Art Shows here in Niagara including "Art by the Lighthouse".

Pete has taught Painting at a Seniors Centre in St Catharines for four and a half years and has taught Watercolour, Pastel and Plein Air classes at The Niagara Pumphouse and the Riverbrink Art Museum. He enjoys painting with Acrylics, Watercolour and Pastel and he's also fluent in Perspective, Caricature and Architectural Rendering.

I want you to channel your 6-year-old self. Remember Kindergarten, in Art class, when you got paint all over yourself … on your Nose, on your Clothes and it was FUN? That's what I want you, the student, to re-discover in my classes. Try a new technique. Make mistakes, make LOTSA mistakes, you'll learn quicker! And you'll have FUNN!