Programs - SW4 - Are you in your Right Mind?

Learn how to get unstuck and see anew! Join instructor Hether Klesh in exploring Neuro-Diversity. You will experience both sides of each brain hemisphere through drawing exercises and how and why the left side of the brain can interfere with your art. Under this system of learning, it doesn't matter which medium or subject matter you prefer, you are learning to train your brain to see differently.


2 Day Workshop: $160.00
2 Day Workshop (Members): $140.00


Jul 29 - Jul 30, 2017 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Hether Irene Klesh
Hether Irene Klesh

Hether Irene Klesh

Hether Irene Klesh has always had a passion for nature, science & animals, fostered by close proximity to the Red Hill Valley, and later the Karst Cavern system. A more spiritual approach to life, combined with this love for all animals has led to portraits people have come to describe as "capturing the very spirit of the subject” in all areas: animals, people, house or sports...

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