Eye to Eye with the Artist: A Coversation with Ron Clavier "Coming of Age"

Learn more and join in conversation with artist Ron Clavier who is offering a talk in conjunction with his upcoming exhibition "Coming of Age" on view from April 2nd to the 28th.

Level:No previous experience required

Class Dates

Friday Apr 26, 2024 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Artist Ron Clavier invites participants to join him in conversation to discuss aging and all the misconceptions and outdated beliefs that exist around getting older in a society that places so much value on youth. Ron wants to encourage participants to ask questions, explore the work and come away from the talk with a renewed sense of curiosity and awareness for the world around them.

Attendance for these talks are open to all and entrance is by a pay what you can donation accepted at the door.

Please note, this is an in-studio program.
Please contact programs@niagarapumphouse.ca for any questions.