Allegories: A Solo Exhibit by Lynne Gaetz

The works of Niagara-on-the-Lake artist Lynne Gaetz now adorn the walls of the Joyner Gallery.


Artist's Statement
Allegory: a symbolic fictional narrative or an image that presents a truth about the human condition. My show, Allegories, consists of artworks that tell a story with mystical and surreal undertones. The antlers, tall hats, and collaged words and images express hidden, often symbolic meanings.

When I begin a painting, I sometimes have a reference photo, but I generally abandon it to create a character out of my imagination. I begin with acrylics and then layer on collaged images. Finally, I refine the work with oils. I love the creamy texture of oil and the ability to allow colours to collide, overlap, and mingle.

My artistic goal is for each painting to express something emotionally honest. For instance, 'Imaginary Wars of a Solemn Man' was borne out of an observation that so many of us deal with difficulties in our pasts, insecurities, and internal struggles. Imaginary wars rage in our minds.

Each piece has an overall mood or emotion or underlying tension. Certain details, such as the horns or antlers, may represent strength, fertility, sexuality, creativity, and a connection with nature and our animal instincts. But I invite viewers to interpret the pieces and come to their own conclusions. Why is the tall hat burning? Why is the woman crossing her arms? What do the hidden words and messages suggest? What overall feeling does the work inspire in you?