Exhibitions - Celebrating Wine Country

This September, the Pumphouse will be showcasing a juried show of original artworks that celebrate the wine country theme. Participating artists include: Ron Clavier, Ken Cosgrove, David Drum, Janice Low, Wendy Malowany and Tony Smith. Join us for our Opening Reception Sunday September 13, 2:00 p.m.

Artist Bios/Artist Statements

Ron Clavier, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Ron Clavier was born in Montreal and by the age of six he began his artistic training when he attended classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. He continued his training with his father, a professional artist whose work included paintings of iconic Montreal neighborhoods. Ron’s figurative work reflects his belief in the unity of human anatomy and human psyche. His landscapes and waterscapes accentuate the colors and forces of nature.
Ron earned a Doctorate in Physiological and Experimental Psychology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He joined the faculty of the University of Toronto, where he continued his research, and trained to practice Clinical Psychology.
Ron has exhibited in several juried and solo exhibitions in Toronto and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Ken Cosgrove, Welland
Ken Cosgrove was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, a city that would have a profound effect on the path he would choose. He loved its magnificent architecture from Northern Gothic through Baronial to Victorian. He studied architecture at Glasgow School of Art and Graphic Design at the Dundee Institute of Art and Technology. In 1967 Ken came to Canada, working as a Graphic Designer in Toronto. In 1968, he moved to the Niagara Region and started the Graphic Design and Architecture programs at Niagara College. Upon moving to the Niagara Region, Ken found inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds the entire area which was a stark contrast to his urban beginnings. He came to love the bountiful fruit lands and vineyards of the Niagara Peninsula which have provided a rich canvas for many of his landscapes. Ken has more recently entered into the area of portraiture in which he not only capture a likeness of his subjects but also a glimmer of his or her personality.

Moonlit Vines
In Spring visitors are welcomed to Vineland by a sea of pink and white as the trees of Canada’s premier tender fruits area explode in blossom. In summer vineyards and restaurants abound and history buffs come to appreciate the first Mennonite congregation in Canada and in the Fall people flock to the annual Thanksgiving celebrations at Balls Falls, Niagara’s world Biosphere centre.
But it was a tiny field of old vines on Fly Road on a freezing winter evening which inspired me to paint Moonlit Vines. The moon had cast its light over the old vines catching two in particular. It accentuated the gnarls and whorls of their form and so they became the focus of my painting. They reminded me of two old warriors twisted by age but pruned and ready to serve another season. In order to maintain their focus I decided to refine or stylize the row of trees behind them.
Of all the images of Niagara that I have painted “Moonlit Vines” took on an importance of its own. The bounty of Niagara’s vineyards comes from these vines and they came to represent the farmers who toiled the land who brought this bountiful harvest from their homelands. They represented men like the late Bill Lenko who was one of the first people to plant vinefera grapes in Canada in 1959 not far from that field in Vineland.

David Drum, Crystal Beach
Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, David Drum has studied, lived and worked in Toronto, New York and presently Crystal Beach. He studied art at OCA and anatomy and human dissection at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated with a doctor of chiropractic while working as a medical illustrator. David spent a decade painting a series of abstract expressionist paintings in his studio in New York after which he returned to Toronto and established a studio and gallery in Cabbagetown where his work was primarily influenced by Impressionism. Currently, Drum continues to record the Quebec-Ontario landscape. He is represented in private and corporate collections across Canada and recent commissions include works for the film industry.

Janice Low, Niagara Falls, ON
Although I grew up in the Thousand Islands area of Ontario, I spent most of my life in Winnipeg, where I raised my family and had my professional career. Artist, educator and astronomy enthusiast, my interest in nature, science and photography fuel my artistic endeavours. I capture impressionistic and abstract compositions, with macro “portraits” of birch being my favourite subject. Commissions have included landscapes and properties. My paintings have earned “Best of Show” and “Honourable Mention” awards.

In my Paintings and Photography I capture realistic, impressionistic and abstract images, more bold than subtle. These images are often based in nature; landscapes, trees and organic forms reflecting the environment. The large pieces become the focus of open, architectural spaces. My goal is to produce fine art that will provide visual interest and enhance the beauty of homes and corporate environments.

Wendy Malowany, Wainfleet
Wendy Malowany earned her A.S. In Fine Art, her B.F.A., majoring in Painting, and her M.S. in Art Education. She has been drawing and creating since her childhood in the U.S. and Scotland, creating art at a professional level for over 20 years, and teaching art to children and adults for over 15 years. She immigrated to Canada after marrying her Canadian husband in 2010, and works in her studio on their 8 acre hobby farm in Wainfleet, Ontario.

In celebrating our rich history, agriculture, business and high quality of our Niagara vineyards and wineries, I chose to express and highlight the important animal helpers and the ecological consciousness of a number of local vineyards. Sheep, hawks, chickens and other animals are “employed for pest control and other services. Sheep eat leaves from the grapevines to enhance fruit quality by exposing the grapes to more sunlight and air circulation. Hawks keep birds away from the ripening fruit simply by their presence over the vineyard. Chickens and geese eat unwanted insects. The animals add to the beauty and splendor of the vineyards.

Tony Smith, Niagara Falls
Born in Sevenoaks, a historic country town south-east of London, England.
Studied art for two years at the Tonbridge Wells School of Art before being conscripted into the technical wing of the R.A.F. servicing aircraft for three years.
Later, he was employed as a technical illustrator for the Hawker Aircraft Company and became a successful graphic artist.
He emigrated to Canada in 1964, and formed a progressive Industrial/Technical studio with a photographer and two other artists in Toronto.
In 1998 he retired and moved to into the Niagara Region. The ambiance of the area Wineries, Niagara Falls, the Escarpment and the Welland Canal has rekindles enthusiasm in paintings that reflects the area, while maintaining an interest in detail that comes from a technical/graphic arts background.
He participated in Niagara Region art shows, currently holds the position of President of the Niagara District Art Association, is a member of the Parkway Artists Guild, and Arts & Culture Commission in Niagara Falls.
He welcomes the opportunity to share his artistic vision of the Niagara Region with those who treasure its many facets.