Exhibitions - Common Ground: Daniel Pigeon & Julie Ponesse

The Niagara Pumphouse is pleased to exhibit Common Ground, Featuring new paintings inspired by Niagara’s landscape by Daniel Pigeon and Julie Ponesse each reflecting their own style, Pigeon more abstract and Ponesse impressionistic and representative in nature. Please join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday April 4, 7-9 p.m.

Viewers of the exhibit will be able to see the journey the two artists took to get to their finished paintings, with Pigeon’s painted in oils and Ponesse’s in acrylic.
They started by separately taking photographs of Niagara landscapes, then jointly sorted through the photos to select the ones that spoke the most strongly to them, whether the sparkling Niagara River meeting Lake Ontario, a bubbling brook flowing through a farm or a lush, green vineyard.
They then worked up sketches of the same scene before painting larger works that depicts Niagara’s unique light.