Exhibitions - Daniel Pigeon - The Edge

Artist's Bio

Landscape inspired painter, Daniel Pigeon is driven to create by the unashamed pleasure taken in the act of painting and profound personal experiences produced within the land. Having lived in the Niagara region from a young age, he has camped and hiked extensively since a child, and as a teen and young adult worked as stable boy and farm hand. These experiences have all been profound experiences of fresh air and hard labor which shaped him and his work. He later set off to the scenic town of North Bay to complete his BFA at Nipissing University. He has since been exhibiting and selling his work regularly since 2010 across Ontario.

Artist's Statement (the Edge)

The three primary ideas in these works are the open space, thoughts and experiences. In these works are an exploration of how these three ideas come together.

The Edge is a collection of ultra-low horizon paintings that represent a search. The Edge is more then just a place in relation to another, it is a metaphor of an experience. I wish to communicate and create the room to breath, which I felt so often in my youth. A vastness and a void that gives pause or invites a moment of solitude and stillness. It's a refuge, a space for discovery, perhaps doubts, and a breath of untouched air designed to cleanse. All works whether realistic or natural made abstract are inspired from, and capture spaces rooted in fields, forests and lakes.

There is a profound transition that happens when we choose to shift our focus. When we look up from the horizon and allow the vastness and a void to fill our vision. Among it's works you'll find a collection that transitions from the realistic to the abstract, yet in each image one key element always remains - the ability of wide open spaces to explode the crowded and the mundane.

In every hour, at every stage of the day a great sky is meditative. I feel we all long even momentarily for spaces uncrowded, moments of clarity in this modern world.