Landscape Reflections-Marilyn Cochrane

Exhibiting in the Joyner Gallery this June is local Niagara-on-the-Lake artist, Marilyn Cochrane. Everyone is invited to the artist meet & greet on Sunday, June 5th from 2-4 p.m.


Artist's Statement
My paintings are a celebration of nature and a recognition of the healing properties that its beauty offers us. In our frenetic world of today I feel that this is more important than ever, and that beauty can serve as an uplifting reminder of the preciousness of our planet.

In this landscape series I paint with many glazes of transparent hues, building up a richness of both colour and texture. My brushstrokes follow the realism of the landscape as well as revealing wild flowing passages. Working up the multiple layers of colour glazes brings me much joy as I watch the images appearing more fully with each stage of the process. I hope that I can transfer that feeling of delight to the viewer as they gaze at these evocative scenes.

I came across the idea that a painting can slow down time, that it is a gift of anti-speed, surely a healing balm in today's world. The onlooker can wander through the painted landscape at leisure, following the colour changes, brushstrokes, perspectives and light effects, and be drawn into a timeless experience.