Migrations, Frontiers and Territories - Anick Fernandez

The exhibition features Anick's latest collection of collagraphs and monotypes in three acts: Migrations, Frontiers and Territories. They represent the movement of many people around the world and the barriers found along the way.


For the artist, creating is a deep need. Collagraphy and drypoint are her preferred printmaking techniques. Committed to protecting the environment, she uses recyclable materials to build her plates and as a support for her paintings.

People around the world are constantly moving from one place to another for different reasons. As they travel, they may be confronted not only by physical borders but also by all sorts of barriers including prejudice towards cultural, religious, or ethnic differences. Every person leaving their country is also leaving a trace behind, like footprints that others can follow in a non-stop migratory flow that has been going on for thousands of years.

The borders dividing territories are always places of movement. Some of them appear easy to go through, but not all.

Territories may seem very different from each other, but just like people, they are all interdependent. We are now more conscious than ever of the interconnection between them.

I would like to spark in those people looking at my work a different view of the world around us.