Exhibitions - Reflections, mixed-media installation by Janny Fraser

The Niagara Pumphouse is pleased to welcome mixed-media artist, Janny Fraser in her exhibition Reflections from September 1 - 25, 2016. Join us for an Opening Reception Sunday September 4, 2:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served.

A mixed-media installation dealing with Time and the Process of Urbanization. Photography and reflective convex mirrored surfaces include the viewer as part of this installation, mirroring the process of global urbanization.

Artist Statement
In this series of mixed media constructions, I am interested in the idea of time as a vehicle for change and transformation. I am interested in the growth patterns visible in the natural landscape, as well as in the overviews of cities and the urban landscape.

Objects are imprinted into thin sheets of porcelain, which are then painted with an Iron Chromate suspension in water. When the surface is dry, it is wiped leaving the imprinted images black, much like inking an etching plate. The sheets of porcelain are high-fired in a kiln, turning them into hard sheets which are then fractured and re-assembled to form the mosaic surfaces of panels and three-dimensional pieces.

Photographs are cut and altered to become part of three-dimensional objects and panels.The imprinted surfaces and timepieces suggest fossils or traces left behind in the process of change and transformation. As in the ongoing series of altered books and boxes, I use multiples and repetition of smaller works to create the elements of a larger installation. By using reflective surfaces and convex mirrors, the viewer becomes an integral part of the work, their own reflection becomes part of the installation.

Early influences and formative years
I emigrated from the Netherlands as a teenager in 1956. The city that I was born in has a long history as a member of the Hanseatic Trading League in the Middle Ages. Its old city centre reflected this on a daily basis. Zwolle is the capital of the province Overijssel, the Ijssel being a main artery of the River Rhine in Germany. As new Canadians, we settled in Port Credit, in what is now Mississauga. It shared in a historical tradition of trading, being at the mouth of the Credit on Lake Ontario. To the present day, the land there is still a part of the Mississauga Nation, reflected in the names of places in my then new home. My work has been involved in understanding a sense of place and time reflected in my surroundings.

After high school in Port Credit, I graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, majoring in Drawing and Painting. and Printmaking, etching in particular.

My Work
As my work developed, I took further courses in Fibre, Clay and Photography. Using these different techniques, I developed a body of work in Mixed-Media, in the form of individual pieces and mixed-media gallery installations. I exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Ontario and Western New York. After moving to Niagara, I have been involved with Rodman Hall, the Niagara Artist Centre, and I am one of the founding members of the Jordan Art Gallery.
My recent work is influenced by, and reflects, the fast pace of urbanization so prevalent in the greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe, and the alarming shift to high-density urban centres world-wide. This continues my interest in Time as a vehicle of change and transformation, with the results shaping our environments and affecting our sense of place.

2015 “Placement-Displacement”, Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Cambridge, ON
2014 “Edge of Change”, Holcim Gallery, Milton Centre for the Arts, Milton, ON
2013 “Force of Nature”, Bartlett Gallery, Alton Mills
2009 “Dwellings” Installation, R@gallery, Niagara Falls
2008 “Communities” Photo Installation, Welland Civic Centre
2007 “Overviews”, Niagara Artist Centre, St Catharines, ON
2005 “Habitat”, Roselawn Centre for the Arts, Port Colborne
“Time Images”, The Gallery, Lewiston, NY
2004 “Revealed: Women’s Voices”, Rodman Hall, St Catharines, ON
2003 “Mixed Media Assemblage”, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON
2003 “The Mosaic Eye”, Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON
2002 “Landscape Transformations”, Brock University, St Catharines, ON
2000 Pumphouse Gallery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
1995 Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON
The Loft Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1993 Niagara Artists Centre, St Catharines, ON
1992 Bainton Gallery, Blyth

Group Shows
2016 “What about Rodman”, Juried Exhibition, Niagara Artist Centre, St Catharines, ON
“Form and Surface” Juried Exhibition, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON, Award
Annual Juried Drawing Exhibition, Aird Gallery, Toronto
2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
National Ballet Invitation Show, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
2013 Photo-Op, Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Drawing Show, Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2012 "Darkness and Light", Ontario Society of Artists, Juried Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Award
“Ignite”, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Purchase Award
“Red”, St Catharines City Hall
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2011 “The Artist Project”, Toronto, ON
“Photo-Op”, Juried Photography Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2010 “The Artist Project”, Toronto, ON
OCAD Alumni Show, Toronto, ON
2009 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
Sunnyside Beach Juried Art Show and Sale
2008 “Designer Showcase”, Hamilton Arts Council, Carnegie Gallery
“Biennale”, Hamilton Potters Guild, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas. ON
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2007 “Table to Wall”, You Me Gallery, Hamilton, ON
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, ON
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Niagara Group Show, Willowbanks, Queenston, ON
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2005 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
Visual Arts Mississauga, Juried Exhibition, Art Gallery of Mississauga