Nature's Patterns Floral Vignettes

Get loose and go colourful! Let spontaneity and intuition lead the way to
bountiful blossoms and sunshine.

Class Dates

Monday Nov 7, 2022 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Begin with an exciting wet into wet underpainting that will be developed with multiple layers of glazes while working with negative painting techniques. This virtual class focuses on creating simple flowers, but the approach applies to a variety of floral subjects. Subtle transitions of hues and the layering of lost and found edges conjure a dreamlike, evocative quality in your watercolors. Build your skills creating lost and found edges by running and blending colour as you explore the vignette approach to painting delicate florals and exotic vegetation. A vignette is designed so the subject matter softens and fades into the edges of the paper. The resulting elegant light negative shapes are an essential part of the painting's composition. The quiet, diffused focus of the outer edges of the vignette enhance the drama of the defined forms and touches of rich colour of the inner focal areas of the picture. You will learn how to gently control the medium but there are sure to be lots of thrills as the glorious colour spreads and flows across the wet surface of your paper. This is watercolour showing off! Explore the possibilities of this unique, enchanting approach to painting!

Instructor - Linda Kemp

Instructor - Linda Kemp

Linda Kemp is internationally recognized for her unique contemporary watercolors and acrylics. Her innovative use of negative painting is the focus of her two best-selling books, Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines and Simplifying Design and Color For Artists.